Identify Patients

Connect to Providers

Continuum of Care

Electronic Psychology Records

Challenges and Solutions
  • Shortage of mental health providers

  • Growing rate of mental health afflictions particularly in underserved communities

  • Numerous health practitioners involved in the treatment of a patient

  • No concerted work, delivering fragmented and sometimes incongruous treatments


  • Limited technical solutions

  • No adequate Electronic Medical record (EMR) built for mental health records

  • Patients can access professionals in different areas

  • Professionals can extend their services to  remote audiences for a continuum of care

  • Different specialties within the same Microverse

  • Holistic experience with single reach to multiple providers

  • Electronic Psychology Record system (EPR)

  • Tailored dashboard with clearer, easy access to patient data and progress evaluation

  • Nationwide mental health database

Manage the Continuum of Care 



Smart Data Collection

Real-Time Patient-Provider Feedback Loop

Customized Alerts for Patients and Providers

Predictive Analytics to Support Shared Decision Making

Track Clinical Data and Patient Reported Outcomes

Improve Efficiency of Care


Define and Track Optimal Performance Pathways

Proactively Respond to Patient Feedback

Optimize Clinic and Staff Resources

Reduce Administrative Burden with Automated Patient Forms and Reminders

Enhance Patient Outcome



Productive Feedback Loops

Customized Educational Materials Sent at Designated Time Points

Real-Time Progress Reports to Engage Patients

Unique Patient Support Groups with Defined Parameters

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