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There is a national mental health desert driven by a shortage of mental health care professionals and deficient access to proper treatment.


This shortage is exacerbated amongst teens and children.

The corollary is the manifestation of significant social problems such as disruptions in education, drug abuse, socio-economic challenges and criminal activities.

Connect Healthcare providers

Perform Evaluations and Track Treatments


MHT empowers and connects frontline healthcare and mental health professionals to quickly detect, evaluate and iteratively deliver mental healthcare while providing a pedagogical tool for emerging mental health professionals to learn from authentic cases.

MHT, therefore, helps providers deliver better healthcare, enhance patient satisfaction, improve outcomes, and reduce costs through proactive, customized and interactive patient engagement tools. 


  • Provide appropriate support to people with mental health issues

  • Support family members and care givers with necessary tools to deal with mental health situations

  • Provide mental health in remote areas and to underserved communities

  • Support for police and fire departments

  • Augment mental healthcare providers capabilities with an EPR and data supported decision-making

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